Oxfordshire Paranormal Investigation Society


OPIS are a paranormal group based in Chipping Norton. In our opinion the beauty of old Cotswold stone hides a more sinister underbelly of paranormal activity. Oxfordshire is a wonderful cauldron of ghost’s and sinister happenings and OPIS want to investigate them all.

I must add that OPIS is a not for profit organisation. We would not charge you for coming out and investigating although all donations will be gratefully received. Feel free to donate via PayPal Click here to do this.

OPIS now has a new website with its own domain Check it out at 

Contact details

You can now contact Oxfordshire Paranormal Investigation Society with any enquiries via mobile 07528 924361 or by landline 0845 467 4868 lines are open between 6pm and 10.30pm at any other time please leave a voicemail

Email Enquiries@o-p-i-s.org.uk  24 hours a day and OPIS will reply within 7 days 

By post to OPIS c/o 6 Fox Close, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5BY. Letters will be dealt with and replied to within 14 days.

Upcoming investigations

OPIS has investigations coming up within the next 4-6weeks. we would love for you to join us as a guest for more details email
Enquiries@o-p-i-s.org.uk with your availbility

Ooops!!! It seems we are a little short of places Do you have a Ghost or do you think you have a ghost? Do you know of somwhere that will benifit from an investigation then please do not hesitate to  Email us and we can try to help.

Call For Investigators

OPIS needs you!

At the moment there is a lack of OPIS investigators.

Do you have an interest in the Paranormal?
Are you willing to travel?
Could you work on a voluntary basis?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then please submit you info on this form if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on Enquiries@o-p-i-s.org.uk or you can now call on 0845 467 4868

Do you have a ghost or think you do?

As well as looking for investigators to join we need investigations. So for a subtle and indiscreet meeting please do not hesitate to contact us on Opis_enquiries@btinternet.com with your activity. We will organise a discrete meeting away from your property and discuss your requirements

We can assure you that all investigation will be carried out in the strictest confidence if requested and your details will be noted as private residence. We take ghost hunting serious and would respectfully request the same.


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Why should I Donate?

OPIS is a not for profit organisation, we do not charge any fee for investigating your property. We require donations for purchasing and upgrading equipment and also purchasing sundry equipment. Also as we do not charge to investigate we have to cover our administrative costs and our travel costs

What if you are in a profitible situation at the end of the year?
If we are lucky to be in that situation then OPIS will retain up to 33% of the profit for ongoing purchases and administration costs(as mentioned above) and the other 67% we will distribute to local Chipping Norton town charities.

Please follow this link to donate £2.50

Please follow this link to donate 5.00

 Follow this link to donate any amount


  • "I wanted to keep quiet on this investigation. I asked OPIS not to publish my findings. It was surprising, EVP and a suspect picture. I would love to have OPIS round again. Consi..."
    Mr E
    Geniunely surprised
  • "I thought that OPIS, were brilliant, professional and I would love to have them round again. Extremely happy and satisfied"
    Mrs S, Stonesfield, Oxfordshire
    Would love to do it again